Erik Langdalen arkitektkontor was established in 1999, and has since then gained extensive competence and experience within the fields of architectural preservation, museum architecture, and housing. Over the last five years the office has consentrated its efforts around a number of preservational projects for different private and public clients. 

The office has a conceptual approach to architecture, drawing inspiration from history, developing site-specific and tailored solutions of unique architectural quality.  

Erik Langdalen is a professor in preservation at the Oslo school of architecture, he is the author and editor of several books dealing with preservation in architecture, and he owns and runs a cultural centre at the historic Budsjord farm on Dovre. 

Selected works

2021 - ongoing

New museum for contemporary and modern art in the old main post office in Trondheim.
Restoration and transformation, ~ 1800 m2. E.C Dahl eiendom


Exhibition on the architect Erling Viksjø in Sverre Fehns Architecture Museum. With Eline Mugaas

2020 - ongoing

Restoration and renewal of Dombås church after fire in 2020


Artist’s residence Holbø, Lillehammer

Plan for development and preservation

2020 - ongoing

Økern + Høyblokka, Oslo

Heritage consultant for urban development of Økern and reuse of Håkon Mjelvas “Høyblokka”


Exhibition of the National Museum’s recent acquisitions in Sverre Fehns Architecture Museum


The National Gallery, Oslo

Heritage consultant for repurposing of the former National Gallery

2019 - ongoing

Dale-Gudbrands farm, Sør-Fron

New visitors centre and pilgrimage centre. New building and restoration

2019 - ongoing

New carillon

2018 - ongoing

Restoration and addition to the former American Embassy in Oslo. Fredensborg eiendom. With Lund Hagem arkitekter, Atelier Oslo, Otero-Pailos Studio and LCLA


Veterinærhøgskolen, Adamstuen, Oslo

Parallell commision for new masterplan, with Ghilardi+Hellsten and Haptic. Statsbygg


Folldal mines, National tourist roads

Plan for preservation and development of Folldal mines. National Tourist Road Project

2015 - ongoing

Solbråseter, Gålå

Restoration and addition, protected cultural heritage site


New museum building and culture hall, with Steven Holl Architects and Landskapsfabrikken

Literary works


Author and editor with Mari Lending. Pax forlag / Lars Müller Publishers


Author and editor with Andrea Pinochet and Léa-Catherine Szacka. Torpedo Forlag 


Editor with Jorge Otero-Pailos and Thordis Arrhenius. Lars Müller Publishers

“Tabula Plena, forms of urban preservation”

Essay: “Utopia and preservation”.  Lars Müller Publishers


AHO yearbook

Essay: “Blasted building”, about Høyblokka. Oslo School of Architecture and design


asBUILT volume 2

Essay: “Under pressure”, House Kollstrøm/Østberg by Knut Hjeltnes arkitekter. Pax Forlag

“Hamsun, Holl, Hamarøy”

Editor with Aaslaug Vaa and Nina Frang Høyum. Lars Müller Publishers

Awards and prizes


2nd prize, invited competition, with Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk arkitektkontor


1st prize invited competition, with Lund Hagem, Atelier Oslo, LCLA, and Jorge Otero-Pailos

DOGA-award for excellent design

Grafill’s “gold” for non-fiction book


Brunstranda service point

1. prize, National Tourist Roads


A. C. Houens fonds diploma

Hamsunsenteret, with Steven Holl Architects, Landskapsfabrikken
and Nordland county


Norwegian State Award for Architecture

Hamsunsenteret, with Steven Holl Architects, Landskapsfabrikken
and Nordland county


Dam Architectural Book Award

“Best monograph of a building” for the book “Hamsun, Holl, Hamarøy”

Northern Norwegian Architecture Award

Hamsunsenteret, with Steven Holl Architects

AIA NY Architecture Honor Award, USA

Hamsunsenteret, with Steven Holl Architects

International Architecture Award, USA/Ireland

Hamsunsenteret, with Steven Holl Architects


Visit center, Astruptunet

1. prize